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How does the payment of rent work?
How does the payment of rent work?

Information about payment of rent for you renting out

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Once a customer has an accepted rental request, it is time to pay to book. Before payment, it is not a booking, which means that others can still send rental requests on the same dates. The dates are not locked before the customer has paid. When the rent is paid, the status will be updated in the booking so that you see that the rent has been paid to us.

Payment is by card. At the moment, we do not have the opportunity to offer Swish or other similar solutions, but it is something we hope to get in place further down the line.

It is important that payment is made via Hygglo, otherwise our insurance does not apply and we can not help if something should go wrong during the rental, as the rent is not a Hygglo-rent if it is not paid via Hygglo. It also violates our terms to charge for rent outside the platform.

Does the customer experience problems with payment?

Ask the customer to contact us and we will look into it and try to help so that we can make the payment go through.

Has the customer received a discount code from you?

Discount codes must be registered in the customer's account before paying. The customer must register the code here: Discounts cannot be applied after payment.

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