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What information do you find in your rental request?

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Once you have sent a rental request, you will find it under your bookings in the tab "Current bookings" (on the website) or "Active bookings" (in the app). In the rental request you see the following details:

  • Rental period.

  • Booking number - It can be good to note the booking number if you need help from us regarding a rental, as we will probably ask for a booking number to find the rent in our system.

  • Price for the rent - The stated price is the total rental cost including our booking fee.

  • Information about the person renting out - Full name and contact information is displayed after the rent is paid.

  • Product information with a link to the ad (listing).

  • Status updates about the rent.

  • Message field to send messages to the owner.

  • Progress bar - shows the different steps that a rent goes through and where you are in the process, from request to rating of the completed rent.

  • Button to cancel request.

Why is contact information censored in the chat?

Contact information is shared automatically between the two parts when a rental request is paid. Before payment it is not allowed to share contact information. There are several reasons for this:

  • Users don't want to receive a ton of phone calls from strangers.

  • In the event of a conflict, it is very useful to have everything that you have agreed upon saved on the platform.

  • It is for the safety of our users.

  • We have seen that those who tries to be called/call others do so to violate §3.3 in our terms. If we consider it to be the case that the person is doing so knowingly, the person will be at risk of being blocked from the service according to §2.3 in our terms.

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