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What should I think about when renting?
What should I think about when renting?
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There are a few things to keep in mind before renting:

  1. At what time should the item be picked up and returned? Keep in mind that the owner may not be able to do exactly as you wish, here you have to come to an agreement that suits both of you.

  2. If there are any consumables involved, you should check what the expectations are. Should the van be returned with a full tank? How worn can the cain on the chainsaw be? Is petrol included in the rental price?

  3. Payment for the rent must be made through Hygglo for the insurance to apply. If the rent is paid directly to the owner outside of the platform, we will not be able to assist in the event of any issues during the rental period. You will also be violating our terms. However, extra costs for consumables can be paid directly to the owner.

  4. Please familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy before paying. The policy takes effect when the payment is made.

Be curious and ask questions, and you will probably get many good tips from the owner.

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