Insurance is always included when you rent something through Hygglo.

This is how it works:

  1. Hygglo has an all risk insurance that covers damage to rented objects up to 30 000 kr, without deductible.

  2. If the object is worth more than 30 000 kr, then the owner is responsible for keeping it insured. Our insurance will then compensate the owners deductible up to 10 000 kr.

  3. Drones and accessories for drones are insured up to 20 000 kr with a deductible of 5000 kr for the person renting.

  4. For vehicle rentals (this includes trailers) there is a deductible of 1500 kr for the person renting.

In short, the things you rent are always insured. You are however obligated to treat the things you rent with care and not be negligent. If you are negligent or purposely treat the things you rent badly then you may be liable for the damages you cause.

Renting vehicles

If you rent a vehicle such as a van or a motorcycle, the owner is responsible to at least keep the vehicle liability insured. This insurance covers liability and damage to third parties.

What happens in the case of an accident?

Should an accident occur during the rental period resulting in damage to the rented object, contact the person you rented it from as soon as possible and inform them of what has happened. It is then they who need to send in an insurance claim by contacting Hygglo.

In the event of damage to drones/drone accessories Hygglo will contact you for payment of deductible. In the event of damage to vehicles (trailers included), Omocom will contact you for payment of deductible.

If you have any questions about the insurance then please feel free to get in touch with Hygglo’s customer service team on email or chat with us.

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