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Insurance when renting out vehicles
Insurance when renting out vehicles

Insurance when renting out vehicles

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When renting vehicles on Hygglo in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, insurance* is included. Vehicles include, for example:

  • Cars, vans, and light trucks

  • Trailers and boat trailers

  • Caravans and motorhomes

  • Motorcycles and mopeds

  • Snowmobiles and ATVs, including lighter tractors

Your vehicle is covered up to 300,000 SEK. The insurance has a deductible of 5,000 SEK for the renter, except for roadside assistance, which has no deductible.

Some of what is included in the insurance:

  • Compensation for damages to the vehicle up to 300,000 SEK

  • Roadside assistance for the renter, without deductible

  • Compensation for the renter and companions to return to the rental location if the vehicle is not drivable

  • Compensation for you as the renter if you need to go and retrieve the vehicle from another location

Important conditions of the insurance:

  • The car must have a maximum of 300,000 kilometers driven

  • Only the renter is allowed to drive the vehicle

  • The renter needs to verify their eligibility to drive the vehicle

What is not included in the insurance?

  • Scratches or normal wear and tear that do not affect the usability of the property

  • Rental of aircraft, weapons or weapon parts, jewelry, watches, live animals, tobacco, alcohol, cash, or securities

  • Damages when renting already damaged goods

  • Damage resulting from circumstances known at the time of insurance inception

Are there any limitations on what the insurance covers?

  • The insurance only covers damages that occur during the rental period

  • The insurance covers rented property, including accessories, up to specified limits

  • The insurance is valid for a maximum of 90 days

  • Applies within Sweden, Finland, and Norway

Roadside Assistance

If the renter needs roadside assistance, they should call Falck at the emergency number +46 8 731 40 68. Provide name, registration number, and cause of damage.

More Information

Insurance Intermediary: Omocom, org. no. 559097-2377.

Insurance Provider: Dina Försäkring AB (org. 516401–8029), Skeppsbron 2, 103 18 Stockholm.

Product: Hygglo Rental of Property

Complete information about the product before and after entering into the agreement is available in the insurance terms and insurance policy.

*Insurance for Denmark

In Denmark, there is no separate vehicle insurance. Instead, there is only Hygglo's general insurance. Therefore, vehicles such as light trucks, vans, motorhomes, and similar are not rented out in Denmark, only trailers and boat trailers.

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