Things to keep in mind when renting a drone

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  • Always start from land. If the drone loses contact, it is common for it to return to the starting point. If the starting point is on a boat that has moved, the drone will likely land in the water.

  • Do not fly over water. If the drone has a problem, it is common for it to go down for landing. If it is above water, it will then land in the water.

  • The electronics in the drone are sensitive to knocks, so be very careful not to drop the bag it is in or hit it.

  • Check with the owner which software to use.

  • Check where you can fly and not.

  • There are many good model-specific instructions on eg Youtube, check these out before you fly.

Remember that when renting a drone you are responsible to pay a deductible of 5000 kr in the case of damage or loss.

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